The waters of the Seychelles are an all year round sailing destination. The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands with an ocean area twice the size of France. Due to the fact that the islands are located outside the Indian Ocean cyclone belt, there is no better way to explore the beaches, lagoons and other secluded hideaways than by boat. Yachting is not only available to the experienced sailor, a catamaran with a competent sailing crew can be hired for fishing, snorkelling or leisurely exploration.The ideal travel period depends on the monsoon season. During the dry season from middle of May to middle of October the winds of the south-east monsoon reach up to 25 knots. Although the sea can be quiet rough and the waves large, sailing between the islands of Silhouette, Praslin and Mahé is quick and unproblematic. The north-west monsoon from middle of October until middle of May is the wet season. Rainfalls are more frequent but not as long lasting and less windy with temperatures above 30°C. The sailing distances within the Inner Islands are limited to 25 or 35 nautical miles. The Outer Islands are located further away and sometimes can be sailed within three weeks. Due to many offshore reefs it is necessary to study the map before sailing. Various bays offer mooring buoys, however permanent pier positions are limited.

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