Anse Kerlan

Anse Kerlan – a beautiful beach in the northwest of the island of Praslin.
Castello Beach Hotel is located here.

Castello Beach Hotel is located at Anse Kerlan, one of the longest beaches on Praslin and probably the best beach for swimming on the western coast of the island. The sandy beach is as fine and white as everywhere on the island. Anse Kerlan stretches from the small village Amitie to the granite rock formation Pointe Ste. Marie. An offshore reef protects from high waves and here and there some breakwaters or natural giant granit boulders characteristic of the Seychelles split the long beach into sections.

The water is quite shallow, making the beach ideal for families with children. On the weekends many locals enjoy a day at Anse Kerlan. Swimming is possible throughout the year. During the summer months an increased growth of seaweed can occur on the west coast, but due to currents leading out to the open sea, Anse Kerlan is usually not affected.

Spectacular sunsets with the islands of Mahé, Cousin, Cousine and Silhouette on the horizon are part of the daily scenery. Anse Kerlan is a mostly quite beach and the nearby airport is no disturbance.

At the west end Anse Kerlan continues behind some large granite rocks, where the Lemuria Resort is located. This approximately 950-step long section can easily be reached by foot along the coastline at low tide, by boat or through the hotel entrance. In a small bay behind the Lemuria Beach Bar lies Petite Anse Kerlan.