Scuba diving

The Seychelles offer plenty of activities, especially in terms of scuba diving and snorkelling. The crystal clear waters around the islands and atolls are a haven for more than 900 species of fish, as well as 100 types of coral.Diving is possible all year round, but with seasonal changes in waves, visibility and water temperature. The best time for diving is April/May and October/November. The sea is then much calmer, with visibility up to 40 metres and a water temperature around 29°C. Although the underwater visibility is lower during the rest of the year, other attractions, such as the regular visits of the whale sharks, guarantee a great diving experience. Except for in sheltered bays, the sea can be rough during the south-east monsoon from June to September.

With so many dive spots to choose from it is difficult to recommend the best one, but divers cannot go wrong with the selection of dive sites off the coast of Praslin. Trompeuse Rocks is a granite pinnacle just breaking the waterline. In calm conditions divers can observe a diversity of marine life, including stingrays, reef sharks and schools of fusilier fish, mackerel and jack fish. Ave Maria Rocks is a favourite spot amongst many divers. While this site tends to be exposed to currents, there is almost always a calm area. A series of huge granite boulders surround the small island, dropping down in vertical walls with some swim-troughs. This labyrinth of protected gullies and bays is home to a rich fish population, such as stingrays, Napoleon wrasse, reef sharks as well as sea turtles.

Our PADI certified partner White Tip Divers offers up to date instructions and equipment. You can choose single dives, dive packages or diving courses. Transfer to and from the dive centre is free of charge.

Photographer: Tony Baskeyfield
Photographer: Tony Baskeyfield